White flour, White Salt,Tea and coffee

White flour, White Salt,Tea and coffee

Wheat is the cereal most commonly used worldwide to make bread. It is a good source of energy. With its bran layer essential vitamins and minerals, is an excellent health food in the building.

wheat flour is usually used for grinding food. However, refined wheat flour is a serious health risk for various processed food products are currently used in the flavor of white flour (Maida) is particularly harmful. colossal loss of vitamins and minerals in refined wheat flour led to the widespread distribution of constipation and other disorders disgestine and nutrition, in particular diabetes. The consumption of white flour is a major contributory cause of diabetes, and worse, if the disease is already advanced.

White Salt
Common salt or sodium chloride is an important factor in maintaining acid-base balance of the body. It is also essential for the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Thus, while a certain amount of salt is essential for the body system, it is necessary only in very small amounts, ranging from 10 to 15 g per day.

Excessive use of salt causes more pressure on the kidneys, can cause hypertension, which is closely associated with diabetes. Excessive consumption of salt promotes water retention in the body, which may eventually lead to obesity, which is a major cause of diabetes. Too much salt is harmful and can promote or accelerate the onset of diabetes.

Salt (sodium chloride) and sodium and preservatives added to processed foods. low-sodium diet is to avoid or limit salty snacks, pickles and many other processed foods.

Tea and coffee
Drinking tea and coffee is a serious danger to the health of diabetics. The alkaloids of the majority principle in the tea and coffee is caffeine. Caffeine is a drug similar to cocaine, as it stimulates the central nervous system. Although these effects are of short duration, have been found to lead to withdrawal symptoms of irritability, lethargy, headaches and anxiety. Daily consumption of tea and coffee cause indigestion and gas formation, diarrhea and constipation. They also increase the level of blood sugar, which can lead to diabetes or aggravate the symptoms when the disease is already present.
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