Things you must know about diabetes

Every 21 seconds, a person with diabetes. Every 21 seconds, there is a new reason to go. Who's your reason? American Diabetes Association (ADA) has launched a new theme intended to make known the reality of the diabetes epidemic in perspective. The "Every 21 seconds" message will be the focus of America's Walk for Diabetes events across the country. Every 21 seconds, a red bandana and white provided to participants, accompanied by the sound of a horn or drum, which means a person who is diagnosed with diabetes in this country. At the end of the event, the wide range of bandanas to create a strong visual representation of the devastation of diabetes in America.

America's Walk for Diabetes is ADA's signature walking event to raise funds for diabetes research, education and advocacy. This premier event brings together friends, family and colleagues around the country for a six-mile walk. Nearly 21 million children and adults suffer from diabetes at the national level and another 41 million at risk for the state. ADA works to prevent and cure diabetes and improve the lives of people affected by the disease.

Diabetes is the fifth leading cause of death by disease in the United States. If current trends continue, one of three Americans and one in two minorities, born in 2000 will develop diabetes in their lifetime. To date, the American Diabetes Association has raised and donated more than $ 300 million in diabetes research.

Presenting a national sponsor of ADA's Diabetes Walk America is the same sweetener. Equality in collaboration with other national sponsors, Cary Sugar Free Syrup, Diet Rite and Kmart Pharmacy, shares committed to providing diabetes awareness, education and solutions for those living with diabetes.

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4 comments: on "Things you must know about diabetes"

Bad Acne said...

I think the 21 second campaign is a great one. I live in Britain tho so cant join in.

Rem├ędios caseiros said...

Every 21 seconds, a new person with diabetes?? OMG !

yeyen said...

What causes most Americans affected by diabetes?

Science and Health Info said...

I think the main cause of most Americans affected by diabetes because of his lack of personal care and foods that are less on guard

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