diabetes and obesity?

Not is reason known for what cause the diabetes. There are sure risk factors that render the probability of you that you are diagnosed with the higher disease. One of only factors of risk that you have control over is your weight. If you are obese, single the better thing that you can make for your health and the prevention of the diabetes is to lose the weight.

These can be easier sayings than made. There are new studies that now are showing that one are a genetic factor or a mutation for the people that are obese and have diabetes. That genetic infuences of dysfunction as the bodies use l' energy and l' insulin - two key elements in the operation of your body and in the cause of the diabetes and dell' obesity. The studies moreover declare that this is not a cause - and - carries out the case. If transported this defective gene you are not guaranteed for obese being or to have diabetes.

But the connection is here and can be avoided. You can it must work harder it that others in order to carry out a corporeo weight healthy and in order to put outside the diabetes but can be made. It discusses with your options and senses about the doctor to avoid or puts-outside l' beginning of the diabetes. The gene that the investigators have uncovered while a premonitory one to the diabetes has been found in children in young age. It is frightful to know that the children during their years prescholars are being diagnosed with obesity and type - diabetes 2 which had the genetics.

But the parents can reduce or prevent these things l' event giving to their children the choices knows some of life style. Now that a DNA link has been found, the research can focus on finding a way to fix or prevent this from happening at some point in the future.

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3 comments: on "diabetes and obesity?"

Problogger said...

Thanx a lot for such a nice and informative article.

The Meek Picture said...

I'm not obese, but I am sure overweight. I'm not really sure if I'm at risk, but I don't like sweets all too much, so I think that's a good thing. :)

I like the article actually.


Science and Health Info said...

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