The issue of sleeping pills as a sure shot treatment of insomnia

This article discusses the issue of drugs as a sure shot treatment of insomnia that does not really exist. Ask any layman on insomnia and the first thing that conjures up the sleeping pills are required. In fact sleeping pills are the same treatment of insomnia in the Internet world. The fact that most doctors also prescribe sleeping pills as the first line treatment for insomnia is very wrong for most people. The truth is that doctors use pills to treat insomnia, temporarily as well as advice on changing lifestyle and behavior change in the sleep of additional measures to improve sleep. The real long-term benefit is in fact a change in behavior that most people ignore as being secondary to the pills they believe to be, ultimately, to contribute to their exemption from their distress.

What most people do not understand is that sleeping pills should not be taken seriously. A substance is and always will be a double edged sword. They can help you and they can also cause significant damage. Chronic use of sleeping pills can have the following effects:

1) Dependence: This medication may cause physical and psychological dependence that is, you should take a constant supply to maintain a normal life or withdrawal symptoms make your life miserable. This is akin to abuse cocaine and heroin. This is why sleeping pills are not sold as nonprescription drugs.

2) worsening of insomnia: it is a byproduct of addiction, which means that if you try to lower doses of sleeping pills you end up with insomnia worse.

3) tolerance of drugs: Do you take pills you realize that higher doses are needed for the same effect as above. This leads to increased side effects of medication (for which no tolerance) for the same amount of effect.

Because of these hazards on sleeping pills should always be used under the supervision of a physician, preferably a sleep specialist.

Apart from the pill, you can use these tips, why not a pill to cure insomnia

1) Check your dream to sleep at night only.

2) Exercise regularly.

3) Avoid heavy meals two hours before bedtime.

4) Take the stress reduction such as yoga and meditation.

5) No alcohol a few hours before bedtime.

They will help you live a better life in the long term sleeping pills, which only has a role in the short term.
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