Discuss the natural ways of treating insomnia

Insomnia is a low mortality and morbidity of the disease, reduced ability to initiate or maintain sleep. It could be due to several factors, but in this article I will discuss natural treatment of insomnia has been used against sleeping pills, which will reject it.

Sleeping pills can be an easy way to treat insomnia, but only in the types short-term and transient insomnia. They lead to different side effects that reduce their usefulness in the long term. It leads to increased daytime sleepiness (narcolepsy), a sort of hanging over, also the characteristics of drug tolerance, drug abuse, ultimately leading to episodes of withdrawal.

This would allow us now to discuss natural ways to treat insomnia:

1) Dietary changes: Today the medical literature, almost all diseases have found an association with diet. Therefore the proven formula low in calories, high in fiber also appears here. Try to have a healthy diet, not just the disease but also for your overall health. Add meat and vegetables rich in magnesium are also useful.

2) Sleep well: Make sure your environment to remain calm under low light and a relaxed state of mind is very important for optimal sleep. If the noise environment is beyond their control, go to a set of earplugs. For relaxed state of mind, not watching television, playing games before bedtime

3) Decrease of caffeine in your life: caffeine is a stimulant found in the brains of coffee, tea, cola drinks. these as possible, since they are partly responsible for insomnia in general, be avoided. Another agent that you need to be careful with alcohol. It is also responsible for insomnia in some people.

4) maintain a regular sleep program : this is perhaps the most important part of the whole discussion. A regular sleep schedule, for example, 8 hours of sleep at night not to sleep during the day is firmly lifestyle change everything to take effect. It ensures that the circadian rhythm (biological time mechanism of preservation of the body) is correct.

5) Exercise: a little exercise during the dy says he is tired enough to sleep when she sleeps. Apart from this exercise is usually required for all ages to ensure weight control.

6) Yoga and Meditation: This area of ​​untapped potential. It is not known how yoga helps to maintain a functioning body, but it is a great way to banish insomnia and other chronic diseases, non-organic. Meditation is explicit, as it helps to relax the mind before sleeping.

So, as we can see clearly many ways to counter insomnia sleeping pills should be considered as a complementary therapy rather than heal itself .
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