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Migraines are often misdiagnosed and then abused by patients and physicians. The overlap of symptoms among headache and both doctors and patients' perceptions are likely to lead to this. It is estimated that more than half of patients who would meet the International Headache Society (IHS) guidelines for migraine have not been diagnosed. Population studies have shown that 46% of patients meeting the criteria for migraine have not pleaded their headaches as migraines. Patients who see their headaches as migraine was correct only 33% of the time in the same study. Mislabels the most frequent patients were migraine headaches stress (patients under 40) and sinus headaches (patients over 40) 4 Migraine was the most frequent diagnosis (66%) in patients with headaches and no evidence of rhinosinusitis on the investigation as part of normal CT scans.

These patients had a significantly higher in the results of snot-20 found that in patients without headache. different levels of rhinology practice, it was found that 12% of patients with facial pain was subjected to a migraine.

Vertigo and dizziness are also associated with migraine. This combination can confuse both patients and doctors because they can be linked by a fluke or could be caused. Migraineurs are more likely to suffer from a disease of instability and movement than the controls. Studies have shown that the matched groups of patients in the clinic with vertigo orthopedic clinic patients are 1.6 times more likely to have migraines. Other studies have shown that migraine patients complain of dizziness more often than patients with 13 tension headache Migraines are also twice as likely among patients with Meniere's disease and about half of patients reported symptoms migraine-prone during Ménière attacks. Patients with idiopathic BPPV is three times more likely to have migraine than patients with trauma to BPPV.

Extract from the Grand Rounds Presentation, UTMB, Department of Otolaryngology, March 23, 2005, resident Dr. Jeffrey Buyten, MD, Faculty of Medicine, David C. Teller, MD Francesco B. Delivery Quinn, Jr., MD and Matthew W. Ryan, MD.

This material was prepared by resident physicians in partial implementation of the training requirements established for postgraduate training UTMB Department of Otolaryngology / Head and Neck Surgery and was not intended for clinical use in its current form. It was developed to stimulate group discussion through a conference. No warranty, express or implied, as to its accuracy, completeness or timeliness. The material does not necessarily reflect the opinions of current or past members of the UTMB faculty and should not be used for diagnosis or treatment without consulting appropriate sources and literature to inform the professional.

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Ya it is true,many of the people ignores the fact of Migraine they treat it as a simple headache.
Thanks for such a wonderful info

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I have heard about it, Its a very serious disease.
Thanks for providing such a useful info!

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Thanks for making people aware about Migraine,It will help all.

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Migraine can leads to serious health hazards, It can cause much harm to the body, if taken lightly. Its not a common disease, just like flue or common cold.

Kesari Tours said...

Migraines is not a common disease, If not treated on time can leads to serious health hazards.
Your post is very informative.
Thanks a lot for providing the info!

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Can migraine cause more harm to the body in other forms also or can damage the nerveous system also?

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There are lot of people those who are not aware of the name migraine, they ever merge headache with migraine. But simply to avoid the sever pain by saying that it is nothing else but headache, cant serve any purpose. If avoided for a long time can lead to other problems also.
You have written very well and thanks for sharing the stuff with us!


Migraines when I heard this word I feel a little bit scared as I have seen some of the migraine patients and observed their behavior. I was not much aware of the real facts and causes responsible for migrain.
Your post is really very informative and make others aware of the fact, What actually migrane is!
Thanks a lot for sharing the stuff with others!

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I saw this problem with my one friend that is why i would like to say, People should read this article. He pursue PHD in Australia now.

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I have heard a lot about Migraines and even I have also seen some of the patients suffering from migraines. Its not a common headache and the patient requires a lot of care, but generally people misleading by saying that its a common headache.
Thanks a lot for sharing the actual facts with us!

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