Diabetes and physical form

There are two main types of diabetes, type and the type the type the diabetes of II. of it is characterized from the pancreas that ago too much little or nessun' insulin. An individual with the type of the diabetes I will have to iniettare l' insulin during the day in order to control the levels of the glucose. The type the diabetes of II, also known like the adult diabetes of beginning, is characterized from the pancreas that does not produce insulin enough in order to control the levels of the glucose or the cells that do not answer all' insulin. When a cell does not answer to insulin, it is known like insulin resistance.

When an object is diagnosed with type the diabetes of II, the practice and weight control is prescribed like measures in order to help with the insulin resistance. If this does not control the levels of the glucose, therefore the drug is prescribed. The factors of risk for type the diabetes of II include: inactivity, rich in cholesterol, obesity and hypertension. L' inactivity alone is a risk factor much fort that has been revealed to lead to the type practice of the diabetes of II. it will have a positive effect on type II of the diabetes while it improves the sensibility dell' insulin while the type that I cannot be controlled is a practice program. More than 90% of the individuals with the diabetes it has type II. L' practice induces the body to transform the glucose more fastly, that it lowers the spirit sugar. More intense l' practice, more fastly the body will use the glucose. Consequently it is important to understand the differences nell' training with the type and the type the diabetes of II. It is important for an individual that it has diabetes to control with a doctor before beginning a practice program. Nell' to train with an diabetic one, is important to understand the dangers dell' injection dell' insulin immediately before dell' practice.

An individual with type the diabetes of that inietta their normal insulin amount for a sedentaria situation can involve the risk of insulin hypoglycaemia or jolt during l' practice. The guide of general reference of practice for type is like follows: she allows that the sufficient rest during the sessions of impedica practice l' hypertension, uses the practices effect lowlands and avoids the heavy raising and it always has a refueling of carbohydrates here close. If the glicemie obtain lowlands too much, l' individual can think wavering, confuseed, hungry person, expectant, becomes irritable or experiments to shake. The consumption one dulls or of the drink of the carbohydrate it will alleviate in little minuteren these symptoms. Before dell' coupling nell' practice, for the glicemie is important to be tried in order to make sure that they are not inferior to 80 - 100 mg/dl of range and not advanced to 250 mg/dl. The levels of the glucose would have also to be before tried, during, after and three - five hours after l' practice.

During this period of recovery (3-5 hours after l' practice), for the diabetic ones is important to consume wide carbohydrates in order to prevent l' hypoglycaemia. L' practice remarkablly the diabetes of II avvantaggierà an individual with type because of i relative positive effects on the sensibility dell' insulin. L' adequate practice and the nutrition is the best diabetic forms than prevention for type of II. For the training protocols it is important to be repeated nearly giornalmente in order to help with the supporting sensibility dell' insulin. In order to prevent l' hypoglycaemia, intense activities progressively till onerous activity.
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