Research on the dangers of Soft Drink

Research on the dangers of Soft Drink

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly form of cancer in the world,with 230,000 cases globally.In the United States 37,680 people are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer within a year, some 34,290 people died of pancreatic cancer.according to the American Cancer Society says five-year survival rate for patients with pancreatic cancer is about 5%. 

In the Journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers Prevention, Pereira and colleagues said the study involved 60,524 men and women in the Singapore Chinese Health Study for over 14 years.During that time, 140 of the volunteers suffered pankreas.mereka cancer who drank two or more soft drinks per week had 87% higher risk.This was very surprising.This question was why the selected country Singapore?His reason Singapore is a small country in southeast Asia, which currently has the best health standards.The issue of diet and shopping exactly what happened in the western world.
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However, Susan Mayne of the Yale Cancer Center at Yale University, Connecticut, argued another.He says although this study found the risk, the findings were based on the number of cases is relatively small and it is unclear whether it is a cause and effect or not.Consumption of soft drinks in Singapore are also in associated with multiple adverse health behaviors such as smoking and intake of red meat, which we can not accurately control.Other studies have also revealed the relationship between pancreatic cancer with the consumption of red meat, especially meat burned, or charred.

Various diseases and disorders of the body often arise due to poor of them drinking soft drinks.carbonated beverages that are very popular community and also included my.but who would have thought and I also do not think it was fresh drinks can lead to cancer.

A study in the health sector reveals interesting facts people who drank two or more soft drinks per week had a higher risk of pancreatic cancer.The trigger is the sugar content in soft drinks too high,Drinks with high sugar levels increase the production of insulin in the pancreas that increases later in regard trigger cancer.

Vice-chairman of Team Founder Researchers from the University of Minnesota,Dr.Mark Pereira instead asserted consume carbonated drinks remained within reasonable limits will receive negative effects for our bodies.This is a warning for me and you who like to drink soft drinks is not too much to drink it because it may cause cancer.better to drink water because it was the best effort to maintain the health of our bodies.
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Running in cold water said...

I just stumbled upon a news which says that exercising ( especially brisk walking or running) can help to lose body fat to a large extent...will this be helpful when the concerned person is addicted to soft drinks.

Tummy Tuck said...

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly form of cancer in the world,and the reason for this is soft drink it's never late we can still shift to the natural drinks to avoid this.

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