Eight benefits of walking are not yet aware

Eight benefits of walking are not yet aware

Many people assume that the benefits of walking just to burn calories the body alone.whereas a lot of benefit from this walk is an example of some of the benefits of walking:

1.Pressing the risk of heart attack
little explanation of why this walk can reduce the risk of heart attack,Hustle walk in coronary blood flow to the heart with sufficient oxygen so the heart muscle heart muscle are met and maintained.Blood pressure also tends to be lower,so that adhesions between the blood cells that can result in blockage of blood vessels is reduced.

its influence has not been as real as against coronary heart attack,but some studies have shown very encouraging results.one study of 70 thousand nurses (Harvard School of Public Health) that the work was recorded walking activity as much as 20 hours a week,their risk of stroke dropped 2 / 3.

3.Preventing diabetes
On foot with a rate of about 6 km per hour for 50 minutes,can delay or prevent its developing type 2 diabetes,her special on their overweight.

4.Weight becomes stable
It turned out to familiarize yourself on foot every day to increase metabolism rate.number of calories wasted by walking activity.

5.Prevent Osteoporosis
Those who exercise since he was young, and consume enough calcium, until the age of 70 years in the estimate could still be free from the threat of bone loss.

6.Relieves arthritic knee

Moving the body with a quick walk also helps patients with depression status for.Walk every day can be in lieu of a cure for depression.

At least the type of colon cancer (colorectal carcinoma) can be avoided with the body and a walk though.

Hopefully with this info we can often do the walking foot to keep our body health.
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