Start your diet now consider why?

Start your diet now consider why?
A good example in 1880, it was clear in the general population, there were about 2.8 cases for 100,000 people who were diabetic. Then it rose to about 29.7 cases of 100,000 people in 1949. But then, in the same year, 1949, the palace, where they began the statistics was changed from 29.7 16.4 cases are cases of 100,000 people. The result will come out of this change was unclear what was really a dramatic increase in diabetes cases over the same period. Of course, during that period were not different between type I and type II diabetes, is known merely as diabetes.

Today, diabetes type II is only affected about 10-20% of the population, it rose from a low 0.0028% in the 1880s. The reason for this seems to be connected directly to the transformation of our food supply when natural. It appears that some essential nutrients has been removed from our food for the sole purpose of extending its life. But the problem has become even more intense and dangerous. If we look the same period the year 100 that we see rising diabetes epidemic, we must also note that what happened in the food industry. When we do this, we have noted many coincidences between the almost complete destruction of our food and our massive epidemic.

As you look back on efforts to replace an artificial food for the real thing, we will find that it dates from the time of Napoleon. It 's always been huge benefits in motivating factor, which is a possibility of artificial food. It 'was a Frenchman named Hippolyte Mege-Mouries who invented what is now called margarine. He did it for the contest sponsored by Napoleon III, the nice fat table invention. He had patented his invention in England in 1869. Based on today's standards, that Margaret was barely edible. Until 1874, when margarine was introduced to us in America. It was not too pleasant, as it consists of things like pork fat, gelatin, fat, Bleach, mashed potatoes, gypsum, and casein.

It 'was in 1899 when David Wesson created a vacuum and high temperature deodorization process of cottonseed oil. It was the next year, when the oil market as "Wesson". It took him more than a decade to fully develop the process of hydrogenation. Then, in 1903, William Norman patented the process of hydrogenation. This process is used to prevent rancidity of fats, turning them into saturated fats.

It goes back to 1911 when the company began to artificially accelerate fat effectively. These artificial fats do not spoil and become rancid and non-chilled natural products. It was also the same year as Crisco came on the restaurant scene. Although the Jewish community accepted the Crisco, because it was considered "kosher".

But only after the Second World War that Margaret became popular in America, although it took about 40% of the market since 1920. Previously, before the Second World War, was restrictive laws against margarine, which have been repealed, and then became a fixture diet margarine, like motherhood and apple pie. And soon after, followed by artificial Crisco and lard. E 'was also during this same period, refined oils made significant foothold in the market and has become attractive to consumers. These are the refined oils that the manufacturer does seem very at home at the time. It seems that nobody has ever noticed that even though the insects do not eat these oils, when all had fallen.

But this time it was obvious that these artificial oils and other products were here to stay. Nobody seemed to take note, or gave any thought about the long-term health of the nation that comes with these cheap artificial foods. Entire period since the 1930's until today, was multiplied by a market that is increasingly based on science, which is committed to changing the eating habits of consumers. The idea was to completely wean consumers away from the cold-pressed vegetable animal fat and grease and grains that have worked and has been healthy for generations, and encourage new refined oils. Saturated fat has been reported to be bad for vendors who are posing as scientists, and so, by actual scientists who prostitute their trade.

American Eskimos, whose diet has officially made up of animal fat by about 60%, remained healthy without signs of diabetes for several generations. But after they became rich pipeline of their income, they adopted the typical American diet of artificial food. Then in a generation, they had degenerated health wise for the same health status, which was then regarded as normal in America.

Since the increase in the number of scientific studies have been misleading in artificial fats and oil companies have argued that the value of "polyunsaturates" or "monounsaturated" oils health. There is no law that says you must tell the truth, that these are truly "trans fat", so that there will say that "poly-transfat" transfat and unsaturated, are poisonous. Cis polyunsaturated fat, or some natural, desirable and necessary to a healthy diet. So now you know!

Yes, because this is becoming increasingly evident that health development will become more severe and more people continue on the road must be of type II diabetes. So, without some kind of dietary change, such as a living food program.
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