Pre diabetes is a serious condition

Pre diabetes is a serious condition

Did you know that you can be 'just a little bit diabetic'? The condition is technically called 'pre diabetes', and it is characterized by persistent high blood sugar levels. Left untreated, over 50% of those diagnosed with pre diabetes will develop Type 2 diabetes within ten years.

Pre diabetes is a serious condition, though its symptoms may be so subtle that you don't notice them affecting your life.

In March 2005, the American Diabetic Association released the results of the multi-year Diabetes Prevention Project. In a study that followed thousands of patients across the nation who had been diagnosed with pre diabetes, the Diabetes Prevention Project found that patients who lost a 'moderate' amount of weight reduced their risk of developing full-blown diabetes by over 58%.

If you have pre diabetes, don't put weight loss off. Taking even 10 pounds off can help better your health.

Look into Diet, Exercise and Fitness information that will fit your lifestyle. Get started. You will be pleased as you start to feel better and start to get comments about how well you are looking.
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