The first action plan for type 2 diabetes

Diabetes Action
The first treatment for the diabetes of type 2 is often the planning of the meal for glicemia (the sugar) the control, loss of weight, and l' exercise. Sometimes these measures are not sufficient to carry the levels of glucose in the blood towards the low near the normality range. The successive step is to take a drug that lowers the levels of glucose in the blood. There are two types of drugs: drugs for oral way (pills) and insulin injections. The diabetes is not insulin pills. As they work In the persons with diabetes, the levels of glucose in the blood too much are elevated.

These high levels are taken place because the glucose remains in the blood rather than the cells that enter, to which belongs. But for the glucose to pass in a cell, l' insulin must be present and the cell must be " affamato" of glucose. The persons with diabetes of type 1 do not make insulin. For they, insulin injections are l' only way in order to maintain the levels of glucose in the blood towards the low. The persons with diabetes of type 2 stretch to having two problems: they do not make insulin enough enough and the cells of their body do not seem to take eagerly in glucose as they would have. All the sold pills diabetes today in the United States are members of the five drug classes: sulfoniluree, meglitinidi, biguanidi, tiazolidinedioni, and the inhibitors of the alpha-glucosidasi. These five drug classes of job in various ways in order to lower the levels emati us of glucose. Sulfaniluree Sulfaniluree stimulates the cells beta of the pancreas to release more insulin. sulfoniluree have been in use from 1950. Clorpropamide (marks Diabinese) is l' only sulfoniluree first generation still in use today. The sulfoniluree of second generation come used in smaller doses regarding drugs first generation.

There are three drugs of second generation: glipizide (names of mark and Glucotrol Glucotrol XL), gliburide (Micronase, Glynase and Diabeta), and glimepiride (Amaryl). These drugs generally are taken 1-2 times to the day, before the meal. All the sulfoniluree have similar effects on the levels of glucose in the blood, but they defer for the effects collaterals, how much often they come taken, and the interactions with other drugs. Meglitinidi Meglitinidi is drugs that stimulate the cells beta for the insulin release.

Repaglinide (marks Prandin) and nateglinide (Starlix) is meglitinidi. They are taken before everyone of the three meal. Because sulfoniluree and meglitinidi to stimulate the insulin release, it is possible to have hypoglycaemia (low levels of glucose in the blood). It must be known that l' oral alcohol and some antidiabetics cannot miscelare. Occasionally, clorpropamide, and other sulfaniluree, can interact with l' alcohol to provoke I vomito, vampate of heat, or disease. You ask your doctor if you are worried for someone of these effects collaterals. Biguanidi Metformina (Glucophage name of the brand) is a biguanide. Biguanidi lower levels than glucose in the blood mainly diminishing the glucose amount produced from the liver. The metformina helps also to lower the levels emati us of glucose in the muscular woven one, rendering more sensitive all' insulin thus glucose can be absorbed. Of usual it is taken two times to the day. A collateral effect of metformina can be diarrhoea, but this is improved when the drug comes assumed with the food. The tiazolidinedioni Rosiglitazone (Avandia), troglitazone (Rezulin), and pioglitazone (Actos) forms a group of drugs calls tiazolidinedioni.

These drugs help to work better l' insulin in the muscle and fat person and also to reduce the glucose production in the liver. The tiazolidinedioni are taken or two times to the day with the food. Even if effective in reducing the levels of glucose in the blood, tiazolidinedioni can have a rare, but serious effect, on the liver. For this reason, the doctor will regularly execute examinations of the blood for monitorare the health of your liver. dell' alpha-glucosidasi Acarbosio (marks Precose) and meglitol (Glyset) is inhibiting alpha-glucosidasi. These drugs help l' organism more low levels emati us of glucose inhibiting the degradation of starches, like bread, potatoes, paste and nell' intestine. They have moreover to slow down the division of some sugars, like the sugar from table. 

Their action slows down l' increase of the levels of glucose in the blood after a meal. They would have to be taken with the first bite of a meal. These drugs can have effects collaterals, between which gas and diarrhoea. Therapy of oral combination Because the drugs of which over acting in various ways in order to lower the levels emati us of glucose, they can be used together. As an example, biguanide and a sulfonilurea can be used together. Many combinations can be used. Even if to take more than a drug can be more expensive and can increase to the risk of effects collaterals, arranging drugs for oral way in a position to only improving the control of the glicemia when it takes a single pill does not have the wished effects. The passage from a single pill to an other is not effective as l' addition of an other type of drug for the diabetes. It can pills diabetes help me? Only the persons with diabetes of type 2 can use pills in order to manage their diabetes. These pills work better if used with the planning of the meal and l' exercise. In this way one has three therapies that they work entirety in order to reduce the levels of glucose in the blood. diabetes pills do not work for all. Although the majority of the persons finds that their levels of glucose in the blood come down when they begin to take pills, their levels of glucose in the blood cannot go near the normality range. Which are the probabilities that the pills diabetes will work for you? Your probabilities are lowlands if it has had the diabetes in order more than 10 years or every day already takes more than 20 units than insulin. D' other part, the probabilities good if is developed the diabetes of recent or that they have need of little or no insulin in order to maintain the glicemia nearly normal. diabetes pills sometimes stop to work after little months or years. The cause often is disowned. This does not mean that the diabetes is worse.

When this happens, the therapy of oral combination can help. Even if the pills of the diabetes not to carry the levels of glucose in the blood near the normality range, need can be still taken l' insulin if a serious infection or necessary surgical participation is had. Pills not to be in a position to controlling the levels of glucose in the blood during these periods of stress when the levels of glucose in the blood to stars. Moreover, if a pregnancy is being planned, it is necessary for the control of the diabetes with diet and physical exercise or l' insulin. It is not sure for the pregnant women to take to drugs oral antidiabetics. A " does not exist; migliore" pill or treatment for diabetes type 2. It could be necessary to try more than a type than pill, the pill combination, or pills more insulin. That to say of insulin? Even if that to try before insulin pills is a practical municipality, can be begun with l' insulin on the base of various factors. These factors include: how much time you have had the diabetes how much is high the level of glucose in the blood is what other drugs that take state of general health Since the diabetes pills seems to help l' insulin better use of the body, to some takes them persons with insulin injections. L' idea to the base of this therapy " combinazione" it is to try to help the better insulin job.

Using wise pills of the diabetes In general terms, these pills are sure and work well. But like any other drug, must be used with secure. All the diabetes pills can interact with other drugs. Because of the possibility of interactions drug, is necessary to inform the doctor all the drugs that are assuming. While one is taking pills of the diabetes, the doctor must itself be consulted also before beginning something of new - the objects, also over-the-counter. Any sulfonilurea or meglitinide can cause levels of glucose in the blood lowers (hypoglycaemia too much). Metformina or glitazoni l' very rarely to cause hypoglycaemia if assumed with goaders of insulin (sulfoniluree or repaglinide) or insulin injections. Acarbose or meglitol, taken like prescribed, does not provoke hypoglycaemia. However, l' hypoglycaemia can be taken place when acarbose or meglitol it comes assumed in combination with other drugs oral antidiabetics. The cost of the cures The costs vary considerably between various pills. Also the same drug can vary of price from store to store. Call around in order to find the better price for what you carry. The generic versions of some sulfoniluree are available.

These cost less regarding the products than it marks and, in general terms, they are reliable. There is now a generic Metformina (Glucophage marks). In order to save more money, one addresses the doctor to prescribe the compressed greater force adapts for the necessary dose. Compressed from 500 mg, as an example, often coast a much less than two compressed from 250 mg. Is therefore possible to use splitter a pill (available in any pharmacy) in order to cut the greater tablet to half or in quarters in order to obtain the adapted dose, if necessary. Attention:. Some drugs to extended release do not work.
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