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Insomnia or sleeplessness is a problem on a rampage nowadays, with the increasing incidence of stress and depression. This article aims at discussing the causes and the types of insomnia to help you know about your condition accurately and inspire come hope and confidence into those who have it.

Most people who get insomnia or for that matter most people with any chronic disease ask the frequently asked question  why me? . I would answer this by saying that there is no clear answer as most of these conditions are multifactorial. Yes for some people there may be one major identifiable cause but for most it is not so. Before answering the question completely I would ask you a question that, why is it that you think one way and the other people think differently. What exactly makes up you personality. This, my friend is the interplay of the various chemicals in your brain. And the interplay has two   components to it. One is the component you are born with. And the other is the change in that component that you sustain overtime based on the experiences you have in your life, that is, the environmental component. So for all of you who have such conditions, the blame you can truly put on is pure bad luck.

But from the above paragraph an optimistic conclusion can also be drawn, that is, that if the disease can be caused by the environment they may also be cured by environmental changes. For those who like to take the easy way out you may go in for drugs. But many studies have shown that psychiatric counseling (the environment change) is at par with drugs in treatment of non organic brain diseases.

Now back to the actual causes of insomnia- medications and psychoactive drugs, hormone shifts such as those that precede menstruation, mental disorders such as bipolar disorder, life problems like fear, stress, anxiety, clinical depression, shift work and jet lag, hyperthyroidism and Wilson's syndrome, neurological disorders, brain lesions and so many others that if I let on about them too you will start pulling your hair out. The main point I want to make here is that no matter what the cause you need to consult a specialist to get your self diagnosed and treated.

There are mainly three types of insomnia- one is delayed onset, meaning difficulty in going off to sleep. Second is middle insomnia, in which people wake up in middle of the night and have difficulty going off to sleep. And the third type is terminal insomnia meaning early morning awakenings.
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